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Workshops and Presentations

Bernie enjoys offering workshops and presentations on the following financial and business topics. Click here for a list of upcoming and recent events.


Overcoming Job Search Stress and Anxiety  


A Unique Workshop that will provide you with a:

  • distinquishable resume
  • confidence when interviewing
  • an effective job sesarch plan
  • Negotiating compensation packages
  • An elevator speech


Leadership Best Practices

Most leaders have risen to their positions through some combination of managerial, interpersonal and technical skills. As they moved up, they have successfully adapted to each role by studying the environment and applying their repertoire.Yet there comes a point in the careers of most leaders when their repertoire and powers of observation don’t quite fit their current challenge. Essentially the old moves don’t work.

Bernie, coaching to a group or one on one, will accelerate a leaders learning of “Best Practices” in areas such as:

  • Framing a vision, mission and strategy
  • Delegating work and decisions
  • Setting and agreeing on expectations, priorities and decisions
  • Communicating
  • Influencing
  • Providing and seeking effective feedback
  • Recognizing and rewarding
  • Building teams
  • Recruiting talent
  • Using political savy and fineese
  • Problem solving and decision making



The Road to Financial Independence

As a guest on Jennifer Lewis-Hall’s radio show “Financial Intervention” Bernie was asked the state of personal finance in America today. He equated it to the state of personal fitness. Terrible. The difference between the two is that you can see how out of shape people are physically, while you can’t see the terrible stress and strain that people are feeling on the inside due to financial challenges. Join Bernie and learn how to releave those stresses by facing your money challenges head on.


  • The components of a solid financial plan
  • How to create a Personal Spending Plan (budget) that you can live with
  • 8 steps to improve your credit score
  • How much you need to save now to last through retirement
  • How to improve the performance of your company 401-K and your IRA
  • What to look for when searching for a financial planner


Get More Clients and Referrals Now!


  • Effective marketing strategies
  • How to build your referral-based business
  • The art of “strategic” networking
  • How to get the most out of business events
  • How to turn those calls into appointments
  • 6 key prospect objections and how to overcome them

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