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What Clients Say

I had been passed over for a promotion in the past and hired Bernie to focus on getting promoted. We spent time working on the skills I needed to get the promotion. I also learned many new management skills that will be essential in my new role, including, effective delegation, techniques for improved communication, and leadership skills. The work we did together prepared me for the next step in my career and I feel confident that I am prepared for future success. I highly recommend his services to anyone. Yes, I got the promotion!

Barbara L.
Management Consultant- Supervisorer

Bernie provided tremendous insight and direction to me during my mentor coaching sessions. Our sessions were an invaluable tool for me at all stages of the mentor coaching process. He provided me with seasoned , unbiased, real life feedback. His expertise and leadership , combined with teaching and mentoring was a perfect balance for the learning  process. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an excellent coach! He is truly a devoted and committed leader in the coaching profession. I’m thrilled to have experienced such a dedicated professional as a mentor.  Thanks Bernie!

Karen Sullivan Leadership Coach
Retired Police Chief

Bernie is my idea of the quintessential mentor coach. He’s wise, encouraging and instructive. Right from the start, his warm, personal style put me at ease and helped me to be my best. Bernie’s insightful and nuanced guidance improved my coaching style. I highly recommend him and I will work with him again.

Tom DiGiovanni

Recently, I had my first serious interview in quite a whiile. Bernie reviewed fundamental interviewing techniques with me, as well as more nuanced points like ebergy level, body language and how to “manage” the process. Not only was the first round a rousing success,but the firm has decided to give me a try-out on a consulting basiis, which could lead to a full -time position. Without Bernie’s expert coaching and insights I never would have come out with the results I did. I can’t thank him enoug.

H. Klein

Bernie is smart, intuitive, spiritual and practical. He is easy to talk to and is an excellent listener. His corporate experience gives him true credibility when advising on the ins and outs of office politics and career paths. He inspires you to make your future what you want it to be.
Jo Ann P.
Business owner

I feel fortunate to have someone with Bernie’s background and experience coaching me. I can discuss sophisticated as well as basic issues with him. He is always incredibly supportive, non-judgemental and insightful.

J. Silver
Law firm Partner

Appearing on major cable business shows each week, Bernie helped me to improve my image. I realized that I had problems speaking too quickly,jumbling too many thoughts and using filler words such as like and um. Working with Bernie, in a short period of time, enabled me to conquer my speach problems and greatly improved my TV presence. Bernie provides smart, insightful counsel. He is great at identifying, and helping strengthen your weaknesses while maximizing your strengths.

Director of Market Strategy
Wall Street Investment Bank

Nothing limits achievement like small thinking. Nothing equals possibilities like unleashed thinking.
William Arthur Ward

Bernie and I have served on the Board of directors of the International Coach Federation-NYC for the last 4 years. His position as President came as a natural progression. He is an excellent leader with the highest of integrity and an amazing ability to guide a group of diverse people in the pursuit of goals that will benefit the organization. Under his leadership, ICF-NYC has won an international award and tripled in membership. On a personal level, one could not ask for a better teacher or coach. I value his advice and his perspective on sticky situations. When he steps down next year , ICF-NYC will lose a fantastic asset but the friendship and lessons will remain forever.

Laurie Lawson
Presdient Elect ICF-NYC

I writing to you because I have some great news to share.  A few days after your presentation at Queens College on the art of interviewing, I interviewed at a boutique investment bank. I landed the job and I know that your workshop definately prepared me for some of the questions they asked. I was more relaxed in my responses and more confident in my persona.  I had been terrified before, but one thing you said made me more confident. You said that confidence comes from acknowledgement of our own worth and talents. As you suggested, I had created a list of my talents, abilities and knowledge. This took my fears away. I want to thank you for your guidance . I appreciate it more than you may ever know.


I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for a terrific session this morning. I really like the way you presented the various leadership styles, very easy to grasp the concepts and very meaningful at the same time. I appreciate you spending part of your weekend to meet with me and I wanted to be sure you knew what a difference this has made for me.I can see how I can apply thses concepts when managing people. I think it will really help me to develop my leadership skills!
Senior Management Consultant

Bernie Siegel’s multi-faceted approach to career coaching has helped to infuse me with enthusiasm, confidence and clarity at a time when those qualities were obscured by fear, anxiety and confusion.

While searching the internet for employment agencies there was a link to the International Coach Federation where, by fortunate chance, I discovered Bernie. When I phoned Bernie, I was in a frantic state: 52 years old, and unsure of myself and my future. It is an understatement to describe that time as critical and torturous.

Bernie’s positive energy and reassuring presence has helped me to demystify those negative thoughts and feelings clouding my path and replace them with concrete behaviors, assignments and goals.

people man pushing globeI have a new job now and I intend to continue working with Bernie, not only to better my performance and outlook, but to continue my search to find even more fulfilling outlets for my talents and experience.

Bernie’s coaching is simultaneously challenging and calming. His concern is one’s present and future wellbeing. He handles any backsliding with compassionate yet firm counsel.

This approach has helped me to revisit my own approach. I had been dissecting the past, which might have some validity, but it seemed to get me nowhere. As a result, I discontinued my weekly sessions with a conventional therapist.

There are times when one must seek help. I wholeheartedly recommend Bernie Siegel if your desire is to do something positive today! What better start can there be?

Richard S., Corporate Management

I read about Bernie’s workshop in “Time Out New York.” The room was filled with others who had done the same and wanted to learn more about how to get control over our financial situation and reduce the stress that comes along with just thinking about money.

Bernie had an ability to understand how to relax his audience and get us to a point where we were opening up about our financial concerns. His personal passion came through and he came across as someone who really cared about people and wanted to help.

I can see why Bernie is so popular. His knowledge about financial matters is amazing and he spent an extra hour after the workshop answering additional questions. I want to thank Bernie for sharing his knowledge with us at this event.

Faye M., Business Owner

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there.”

Over the past few months, Bernie has been a ray of light and hope for me, both on my personal and professional side. On the personal side, he helped me realize many things that might not have been brought to my attention. On the business side, he truly helped me figure out what it is I exactly love doing and I have taken the steps to go after it. I could never have done that without his help.

When I went for an interview for a position I really wanted, Bernie coached me through the interview process. I implemented what we covered in our role playing and aced the interview! I was offered a six- figure position with a Blue Chip organization. I don’t think I would have ever had this offer without Bernie’s coaching.

I feel that everything happens for a reason. Meeting Bernie and having his coaching and guidance was instrumental in making me realize what I really want in life.

Ari Levi, Sales Manager

“Now and then, it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
Guillaumo Apollinaire

I was once unhappy and confused. I had so many things I wanted to pursue and so many ideas in mind. Nobody could help me clear my mind and make my decision – not my friends, not even my family. Although their advice was given with good intentions, it still didn’t help, because it made me feel that their advice was meant to serve a purpose –perhaps for their own good or perhaps for what they perceived would be good for me. I was unhappy and confused until I approached Bernie Siegel.

Without influencing my decisions or telling me what to do, Bernie has helped me realize what is best for myself and has helped me realize what I really want in life. His calm and friendly demeanor made it so easy to talk to him and trust him. His very realistic and encouraging approach gave me a sense of control over my life and gave me the feeling that I should make a change for myself and not for other people. His real world experience, which he incorporates in his advice, concretizes the possibility of achieving my goals.

What I have learned and realized through Bernie is priceless. He may not realize it but what he has imparted to me has a deeper impact and has completely changed my view of myself amidst everything else. I am now on the beginning of my journey, ready to achieve my goals. I know it’s a process but I’m ready to take on the challenge. For all these, I consider Bernie my angel because he has truly “enlightened” me.

Elaine Dayone., Executive Administrator

I have been a client of Bernie’s for just over two months, and I can already say that I have seen positive results. Specifically, Bernie has:

• Helped me to develop a plan to eat better and lose weight. More than just a diet, Bernie has changed the way I look at nutrition, helping to initiate and maintain healthier, more satisfying eating habits. So far, I have already lost 7 pounds.

• Offered helpful and practical advice for achieving success in the work place. Bernie can provide a positive insight into most daily situations, as well as make you recognize the value that can be taken from those situations. Being new to this position, Bernie is constantly helping me view and approach opportunities in a manner that will aid my success. And,

• Altered, to an extent, my way of thinking so that I can live a happier life. He helped me recognize certain behaviors in myself that are a waste of negative energy. I am in no way “cured” of some of these bad habits, but the more I divorce myself from these habits, the happier I am going to be.

The coaching I have received from Bernie has done nothing but create positive changes in my life. He holds his clients to a high standard of accountability, and I look forward to continued success with him as my coach.

Matthew Castagna, Corporate Sales Executive

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in,but what is still possible for you to do.”

Pope John XXII

I first met Bernie at a NYC Career Fair that he helped to organize, at a time when my career and my life seemed to have hit a wall. I walked into the room where Bernie was quietly giving a presentation to a group of people who were crowded around him as if he were the Pied Piper. Something in what he was saying registered with me much more than anyone other career expert I had spoken to. I found myself making an appointment to meet with Bernie on a one-on-one basis the following week.

I think it’s safe to say that establishing a professional relationship with Bernie was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in a very long time. Within two months, I had revamped my resume which I was now proud of;created brand new business cards that I loved; had an elevator speech that I was now using to introduce myself at all kinds of networking groups Bernie hooked me up with; not to mention a great new client I never would have gotten without Bernie’s coaching support and helpful tips.

Bernie’s rare combination of professional knowledge and personal insight make him an ideal career/life/business coach. I can’t recommend him-or express my gratitude to him- enough.

Howard Cohen
Sole Proprietor

Bernie offers insights and tools that helped me to focus my work and goals. I found his advice and coaching invaluable. Bernie has a unique ability to digest the work that I am trying to accomplish very quickly, and in a short period of time make suggestions and coach me in a way that pushes me in a direction that has brought about amazing results. Bernie wastes no time and offers a wide variety of insights. He really listens.

Dan Whitman, Corporate Relations Officer

“Have patience with everything unresolved and try and love the questions themselves.
M. Rolke


Champery-2007-028Courage isn’t the absence of fear it’s the ability to face it. Bernie skiing at the top of the world!

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