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Bernie Siegel is an Leadership Development, Career Management Coach and Strategist. He has been an observer and architect of winning behavior and business practices for over 30 years. Bernie shares his secrets of success with you while empowering you to achieve your personally relevant goals.

Why work with Bernie?

With his  extensive real-world experience, insightfulness and intuition, Bernie can show you how to:

• Create sustainable change and establish the behaviors, beliefs and habits that will lead to your inevitable success.

misc globe in hand• Step back and see things from a different, fresh perspective, so that you can see options and opportunities that you never knew were waiting for you.

* Learn how to recognize and overcome fear of failure, judgment and   change that may be keeping you from success.

*Learn and practice leadership best practices that will enable you to better delegate, manage and lead in your organizaion

*Learn essential coaching skills for managers and leaders

• Learn techniques to quiet all those voices in your head and around you telling you what to do, confusing you, and leaving you feeling powerless.

• Transform your life beyond all recognition. In the process, you will become happier, wealthier and perhaps best of all, more inspired and alive than ever before.

“ I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”
-Leonardo da Vinci

Bernie has been an active leader in advancing the coaching profession world-wide. After serving as President of ICF-NYC, one of the fastest growing chapters in the world, he was elected to the Global Board of the ICF. He served as its Treasurer in 2012 and was elected by the Board to serve as its Vice-Chair in 2013.

Bernie with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of, The Four Agreements - See more at: https://berniesuccesscoach.com/#sthash.yQ6autdB.dpuf

Bernie with Don Miguel Ruiz,
author of, The Four Agreements

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